Team Building Events and Entertainment through Rhythm and Drumming

Energise & Uplift your audience
Teach your team about collaboration, teamwork and Unity
Entertain your guests with a unique performance show
Transforming Companies into Communities
Building Teams... one beat at a time



What is Drum Cafe:


Drum Cafe is the world's largest team-building company with 30 locations worldwide. The word CAFE represents a relaxed atmosphere. People can find something new in themselves and bond with others in a group even if they are shy.


We use the power of music to unite, uplift and inspire our audience whether it is for a celebration, a business meeting, a conference or even a mega-event like the Olympic games and the World Cup. Drum Cafe have delivered over 40,000 events in 56 Countries and are the world leader in Interactive Entertainment. Over two million people have drummed with us and more than half of the worlds top 400 companies have used Drum Cafe.

Drum Cafe Vision and Philosopy




Our proven leadership program has been developed over many years by global Motivation Speakers, HR Consultants, Company CEOs, Leading Musicians and Academic Professors. With a team of world-class musicians, specialized facilitators and a drum for each participant to play, Drum Cafe creates unparalleled, interactive team building and entertainment events. We shift attitudes and effect change. Developed originally as a method to unite the multicultural workforce in the new South Africa, Drum Cafe has been operating globally for fifteen years.

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