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Drum Cafe is one of the world’s leading Team Building and Corporate
Events Companies.



Drum Cafe aims to bring awareness, working rhythm, and high performance teaming to your company or organization’s members. Founded on the philosophy of Ubuntu, “I am who I am because of those around me,” Drum Cafe brings this vision of unity through the metaphor of music. We provide a safe environment for those who are risk averse as well as opportunities for those who thrive on risk, to shine. Drum Cafe strives to highlight each individual’s capabilities in a group environment. People don’t need to be shown who’s better/worse, stronger/weaker, or quicker/slower. We have succeeded when your entire team comes away ready to connect, collaborate and innovate, open and available to one another, not threatened by prowess but rather facilitating each other’s success and recognizing each person as an integral part of the rhythm of the whole.





Our Philosophy is that well run companies can be compared to making music with in a drum circle. We have two main principles about making successful music:

  • Everyone plays the same Bass
  • Listen to each other


Following these priciples as a group:


  • We are able to build a community, ie more than just working together.
  • A community that is non competitive.
  • A community that realizes that we are all here for the same reason.
  • Each person, no matter how small their part is, has an integral roll and contribution to our community. (When you play an instrument, even as something as small as a triangle, your brain interprets that you are making the whole music)
  • We can make music


Our philosophy of entertainment with a strong teambuilding message promotes successfully:

  • Non competitiveness
  • Working as a team.
  • All here for the same reason.
  • Building a community
  • Simply through listening to each other and playing to the same basic beat. 

  • Who we are 

    With a history of over 40 000 events in 56 Countries, the Drum Cafe has the experience to deliver an unforgettable interactive event. We use some of the top drummers in the world to add energy to yourconference,teambuildingevent,celebration,productlaunchortrainingprogram. The interactive drumming process is a stress release; it breaks down barriers and has a great unifying effect. 


    What we do and what we can do for you?


    • We bring a drum for everybody.

    • We create a non-competitive atmosphere.

    • We teach everyone to listen to each other.

    • We teach everyone to feel the bass rhythm of the company.

    • We clarify your company’s vision and mission statement.

    • We entertain with a strong team building message

    • We make music.

    • We build a community.

    • We have FUN.