About Us

Drumming is something everyone, and every culture can relate to. The first thing you hear when you come into this world is the beat of your mother’s heartbeat. Drumming relaxes, energizes and motivates in a way most team building companies cannot explain.

Warren Lieberman, founder of the Drum Café   


History of Drum Cafe


Team-building techniques with African roots

Drum Cafe began in 1998 in Johannesburg following the end of apartheid in South Africa. It was founded by Warren Lieberman as a way to bring people together. It began as a drumming workshop in a coffee shop, where people would come and drum along with the performers, regardless of skill level or experience. It quickly became a regular hit with the customers, as a means to remove barriers and communicate.



Interactive drumming & Global Expansion

The first Drum Cafe Club was soon opened in Capetown, and Drum Cafe was quickly approached by several South African to run similar events at their offices. The concept of "Interactive Drumming for Team Building" was born!


After doing these drumming sessions all over South Africa for the corporate world, Drum Cafe soon expanded the brand into Europe. Very soon we had incredible people join us and before long had branches in the United Kingdom, Germany, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, Texas and San Diego. Over the next few years this expanded to 17 branches worldwide all offering our unique type of African interactive drumming workshops.



Interactive drumming around the world

Some of the best drummers, dancers and performers in the world joined the team and Drum Cafe developed its range of skills to include large events, breaking the world record with 6000 drums all played simultaneously. After doing an Opening Ceremony for both the Olympic Games, Football World Cup and Live Earth in London and Johannesburg, Drum Cafe has become a household name in the meeting and events industry.
In the 20 years since Drum Cafe was first started, so many people around the world have been able to experience the joy that interactive drumming brings. We have delivered 40,000 events in 56 Countries for 230 of the world's top 400 companies. Over two million people have drummed with us.

Our vision remains the same as in the old days of the Drum Cafe club in Cape Town. to use the power of music to unite, uplift and inspire our audience.