About Us

About Drum Cafe : Concept

Rhythm unites us! We use the power of music to assist you in improving your team's motivation, strengthening the ties between members and encouraging innovation and organisational development. Drum Cafe began in 1998 in Johannesburg in South Africa,  as a way of uniting people after years of apartheid. Over two million people have experienced our interactive drumming events, in 56 different countries across the globe. Drum Cafe has also been selected as one of the exclusive top ten "World-class Entertainment Companies".




Rhythm unites us! Drum Cafe strives to highlight each individual’s capabilities in a group environment. People don’t need to be shown who’s better/worse, stronger/weaker, or quicker/slower. We have succeeded when your entire team comes away ready to connect, collaborate and innovate, open and available to one another, not threatened by prowess but rather facilitating each other’s success and recognizing each person as an integral part of the rhythm of the whole.




Founded on the philosophy of Ubuntu, “I am who I am because of those around me,” Drum Cafe brings this vision of unity through the metaphor of music. We provide a safe environment for those who are risk averse as well as opportunities for those who thrive on risk, to shine.




  • Listen to each other and learn to respect those around you.
  • Create a community.
  • Promote an atmosphere that encourages teamwork.
  • Communicate your corporate message.
  • Show the benefits of forming a strong team.
  • Have fun and feel moved.