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Team Building : 60-90 mins, 10-500 participants
Participating in an exercise in communication, effective listening skills and the power of a truly synchronized team has great benefit for any business. It promotes the power of non-verbal communication. Any feelings of isolation and dissent disappear, as the drumming experience bonds every participant in becoming a motivated and unified group.

Usually one session comprising the following elements:

  • Breaking inhibitions
  • Moving from noise to structure.
  • Learning base rhythm
  • Many part Rhythms
  • Listening and making music.
Conferences : 10-60 mins, 100-6000 participants

Traditionally drumming has been used as a prelude to community functions. Drumming can be used to great effect to both open and close conferences - drawing people together, celebrating success and ensuring that the delegates leave feeling invigorated and motivated.


Various elements of above.
Conflict Resolution : 60-90 mins, 2-200 participants

With the proliferation of negative interaction between individuals and teams, the handling of conflict is often very difficult. Drumming together helps break down barriers to create a more effective and harmonious environment. Workshops are run to showcase the strength of working together - bridge the divide.


Various elements of above.
Client functions : 30-90 mins, 10-1000 participants

Drumming is an effective way to thank and acknowledge clientele for their support in business. It consolidates a long-term relationship between the company and the clients by giving back to them in a unique and positive manner. A shared drumming experience facilitates the development of loyalty and trust.


Various elements of above.
Road Shows : 10-90 mins, up to 100,000 participants

A series of shows delivered around the country when unveiling new vision, mission and values of company.


Various elements of above.
Stress Release : 60-90 mins, 1-2000 participants

Drumming has been proven to activate and enhance the Alpha state, release stress and tension, enhance focus and clarity of thought. These workshops provide a platform for participants to release stress and through this they are able to meet their daily challenges.


Various elements of above.