Programs : More examples

Drum Cafe's drumming events are designed to fit the goals and objectives of your institution, whether it's corporate, educational, or just a shared interest, through their teambuilding activities and performance events.



1. Employee training and team-building

Drum Cafe's team-building performances are designed to strengthen the bonds between your employees. Participants can practice communication and improve their team-working skills throught the physical process of interactive drumming. We can customise your program to include your own unique commercial goals and corporate messages.

Conference activity
Energise your attendees by featuring our drumming events as the opening performance for your conference. Create the right mood for your event and promote great levels of concentration and enthusiasm from all your participants. We always get great comments from clients following our conference events, saying that the atmosphere and participation levels have never been better.
The breakout event is up to 3 hours long and involves splitting the group into different sections. The goal here is a more intimate event, creating powerful learning about teamwork and collaboration. There is also an element of competition that is playfully included to generate passion and pride in one's team. The breakout event has become our fastest selling product.
Awards ceremony & Incentive Events
When there is a massive expense, involving international travel, incentive events must be impressive, fun AND relevant. They must create an atmosphere of celebration for being part of the company but also be personally interesting for the participants..... the relevance is that they remind the audience about unity and community.



2. Corporate Event

Drum Cafe have years of experience in creating dynamic and exciting company road shows. We can design a bespoke event that creates both drama and theatre as well as an underlying message which fits in with the spirit of the event. The dynamic event we create will energise the audience and leave a powerful message of unity and connection with the company.

Product launch
We create an event that matches the enthusiasm the company has for this new product... innovative, energetic and powerful. There is no limit to what we can do including elements like fire, water, lighting and a huge stage show... We are very very experienced in events (over 40,000) so let's get together and present you with some ideas.
Opening ceremony
If you want to start your conference off with an electric and energising show, that will focus and excite your audience within minutes, try interactive. This is the best way to get everyone feeling present and relaxed and ready for the big day ahead. Our closing ceremony performances will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your attendees.
Entertaining clients
Our drumming performances are a great way to say thank you to your clients and customers. Your clients may have already experienced a wide range of events, but our drumming events will be a totally new experience for them. It's an ideal way to strengthen ties with your clients in a unique and unforgettable way.



3. Resolving issues

Conflict Resolution
With the proliferation of negative interaction between individuals and teams, the handling of conflict is often very difficult. Drumming together helps break down barriers to create a more effective and harmonious environment. Workshops are run to showcase the strength of working together - bridge the divide.
Stress release
Drumming has been proven to activate and enhance the alpha state, release stress and tension, enhance focus and clarity of thought. These workshops provide a platform for participants to release stress and through this they are able to meet their daily challenges.



4. Party Entertainment

Our goal is to make your guests go home feeling that was the best party ever. Interesting, fun, exciting and different, being able to jam with other guests and the best drummers in the world. We can create unique event programs for any of your New Year's parties, End of Year parties, Christmas or birthday parties.



5. Concert Entertainment

We have created huge stage shows and stadium events, for the likes of the Miss World Contest and the Olympic Games. Our performances can be one or two musicians at the entrance to an event or a full stage show with a cast of 20 and full sound and lighting rig.