Djembe hand drums and boomwhacker pipes are the main instruments we employ for our events, and our programs are customised for each client's needs, objectives, audience size and schedule. We can also accommodate collaborations with a wide variety of corporate sponsors. While our basic programs are 30~60 minutes, we can also offer half-day and full-day events.

Performances are customised to suit the messages our clients wish to convey, and reinforce the themes in a very memorable way. Drumming and boomwhackers can both be combined in a single performance. For event spaces or schedules where the use of instruments is not feasible, we recommend our  programs involving body percussion.




Interactive Drumming Team-Building (Communicative Drumming)



Instrument Selection

Instruments are selected to best suit your objectives, participant numbers and program schedules.

Djembe (hand-drum)
Hand-drums are distributed to every participant. Everybody can experience the uplifting effect and togetherness of beating their djembe in unison.

Boomwhacker (percussion pipe)
Polyethylene pipe that produces sound when struck. Different notes can be produced by varying lengths of pipe.

Plastic djembe hand-drum
These plastic djembe hand-drums are ideal for participants to take home as souvenirs of the event. Corporate logos and messages can be included on the drums. Available for larger events of 500 participants or more.
(*additional fee)




We can customise our workshop programs to fit your unique objectives and goals. Drum Cafe regularly offers customisation for commercial corporate sponsors and group work menu requirements.


  • Leadership programs
  • Team Workshops
  • Art & Design Programs

Drumming and dance performances can also be customised to feature particular artists or performers, to further enhance the excitement of the venue and help the participants relax and enjoy the show.

Session flow
Following the guidance of a lead performer, we build a group drumming performance. Starting with a fun drumming activity to act as the session icebreaker, various elements are assigned different beats and roles which are them combined to produce a unified performance - a perfect example of team-building and the unified group giving great results. Each participant is able to meaningfully contribute their own individuality to create a unique orchestral group.





Each conference schedule is different, with unique goals and aims. We help you choose the most effective timing for our Drum Cafe performances.  

Starting the session : Breaking the ice
We start the sessions by helping all participants to relax their minds and bodies, in order to improve concentration and event participation.

Ending the session : Reinforcing event goals
The recap helps to increase the participants' sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Through becoming a vital part of the team in creating the show, each participant's feelings of team-building are strengthened by this unforgettable experience.

Intermissions for communicative drumming serve dual purposes in strengthening group unity and togetherness. It allows each participant to fulfil their need to contribute to the group, and also helps to facilitate creative thinking due to the change in surroundings.