What We Offer

Drum Cafe Events : Ideal for Businesses and Groups

Drum Cafe's Team-building Program promotes a feeling of togetherness and unity between all of the event participants, through the universal appeal of group drumming. Our program is ideal for corporate training, commemorative events, seminars and parties.





1. We want to get all participants involved!

Any number of participants from 10 to 10,000 can take part. Drum Cafe has even run hugely successful drumming events at such mega-events as the Olympics Games and the World Cup.




2. We want an event that fits any industry and nationality

Music and rhythm transcends the barriers of culture, language or position. Everybody, regardless of age or skill, can freely take part. The basic event presentation is carried out in English, but we can adapt to any level to suit your audience.



3. We're on a tight schedule

While most of our events are designed to fit 60 minute schedule slots, we can also accommodate shorter 30 minute programs to better suit morning breaks or event energisers.




4. We'd like to run an employee training program overseas

Drum Cafe is a global organisation, running events in over 25 countries around the world. For clients who would like to run their employee training programs overseas, we offer planning services here in Japan, and then enlist the help of our overseas branches for the actual events.




5. We'd love to see everybody having fun!

Rhythm is something that can be enjoyed by anybody, anywhere. Uniting as a group to make music is one of the most involving and fun experiences you can enjoy. It's ideal for those considering sports and game activities for their events.