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Interactive Drumming

Unique Drum Cafe Methods
Interactive Participation Through Music

Our Interactive Drumming (communicative drumming) techniques have been developed over many years with the assistance of a wide variety of professionals; motivational speakers, personnel consultants, CEOs, world-renowned musicians and university academics. Drum Cafe's techniques are effective simply because they unite all the participants through the medium of rhythm. Sound is a powerful tool in uniting everybody together, which is especially beneficial in fostering communication and teamwork skills in a business environment. When everybody is drumming together, all the participants feel like part of one big community, and at the same time feel their own contribution as an essential element of the whole group. Drumming in a group builds your team, enhances togetherness and improves group dynamics.
Additionally, drumming requires a good balance between the left and right sides of the brain, which further develops creative and innovative tendencies - all of which will be of great benefit to your teamwork.

Achieving your goals
We guide you through applying the techniques learnt in our drumming events to the achievement of your business goals.

Program Options
The traditional djembe hand-drum, boomwhacker pipe and plastic djembe are the basic instruments used in our interactive drumming events. Each event is customised to fit the needs of your business, and we offer collaborative services for workshops and corporate events.