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Drum Cafe began in 1998 in Johannesburg, founded by Warren Lieberman. It began as a drumming workshops coffee shop where people would come and drum along with the performers. Brett Schlesinger partnered up with Warren and opened the famous Drum Cafe Club in Cape town which soon became an essential part of the tourist route to South Africa. After being approached by companies to create drumming sessions  (drumming workshop or corporate drumming )for them at their offices, Drum Cafe quickly adapted to create a business product … After doing these drum sessions all over South Africa for the corporate world, Brett decided to move to the UK to expand the brand into Europe.Very soon we had incredible people join us and before long had branches in Germany, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, San Antonio and San Diego. Over the next few years this expanded to 17 Branches worldwide all offering our unique type of African drum workshops.

Some of the best drummers, dancers and performers in the World joined the teams and Drum Cafe developed its range of skills to include large events, breaking the world record with 6000 drums all played simultaneously. As we opened branches and developed our range of products we became a big part of the events world.

After doing an Opening Ceremony for both the Olympic Games, Football World Cup and Live Earth in London and Johannesburg, Drum Cafe has become a household name in the meeting and events industry.

We have delivered 40,000 events in 56 Countries for 230 of the worlds top 400 Companies. Over two million people have drummed with us.

Drum Cafe now offer a huge range of products for virtually every type of event. Our most recent development is the creation of a training programme that uses both the interactive music as well as our huge experience in delivering events to teach about specific concepts in business. These workshops draw powerful analogies between a group of musicians and a business team, between communities and companies, between an orchestra and a large corporation.

Our vision remains the same as in the old days of the Drum Cafe club in Cape Town… to use the power of music to unite, uplift and inspire our audience whether it be for a celebration, a serious business meeting or an annual conference.


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Drum Cafe Japan





Drum Cafe Japan started in Japan in the city of Sendai in 2009 by the current CEO Mariko Hoshiyama. In 2013 Drum Cafe Japan's main office moved to Tokyo but our operations in Sendai still continue mainly through Drum Cafe Japan NPO which focuses more on schools and communities devastated by the Great Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami which hit the Tohoku region on March 11th 2011.


Drum Cafe Japan, just like all the other Drum Cafe branches around the world, provides universal team building skills and maximizes companies' potential and values through unique programs created by some of the world's most prominent academics, consultants and phychologists in collaboration with Drum Cafe. In Japan we work with numerous international and national corporations, embassies, schools non-profit and government organisatons but mostly focus on corporate team building for corporations listed on the Fortune 500 index. Some examples of these include: Barclay's Capital, Abbvie, Loreal, Prudential, Kirin, Rohto, AstaZeneca and The Tokyo Peninsula to name a few. In 2011 we were also proud to partcipate and do an interactive team building session with drums at TEDxTokyo. See some of our important Highlights here


Drum Cafe was launched in Japan to enhance communication among the Japanese people and share this wonderful experience and joy that is appreciated and celebrated by those who have worked with us around the world. We hope that business organizations, communities and the educational sector all across Japan and beyond will be able to create bonds through the Drum Cafe.